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Kehlani Opens Up on New Single "Toxic"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

After a chaotic Valentine's Day (literally), Kehlani is back with yet another moving, emotional song entitled, "Toxic." Following the release of her heartbreaking, transparent "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" single, Ms. Lani Tsunami returns with her third single of 2020. Released Thursday (Mar. 12), "Toxic" finds Kehlani reflecting on what appears to be her past topsy-turvy relationship with rapper, YG.

Throughout the KBeaZy and G. Ry-produced song, she reflects on both her actions which allowed her to succumb to the heartbreak she feels, and what she's allowed herself to endure because of the love she possesses for the former flame. She begins the song evaluating her thoughts. Now that she is alone she is able to think clearer and wiser on her previous behavior.

Damn right, we take turns bein' grown I get real accountable when I'm alone I get real about it all when I'm alone It's so crazy missin' you when I get on

As the song reaches the pre-chorus, Kehlani is joined by none other than her friend and frequent collaborator, Ty Dolla $ign as she sings about becoming foolish once that alcohol (Don Julio to be exact) enters her system. She becomes vulnerable and instead of staying away from toxicity she leaps towards it. She wants to call him up and fall right back into the trap.

By the time the listeners reach the chorus, Kehlani acknowledges that the love is toxic; all of it. She even compares her former lover to that of a drug. She continues sharing how she tried to patient, tried to love her partner, save herself only for her partner, and even satisfy them with her sex. However, that in itself could not rid her of his toxic ways.

Once we hit the bridge, Kehlani continues her reflection of the past as she says her lover's sex is so problematic, but it keeps pulling her back. She continues to fall for the same charades but she has now made note of it. She is now fully aware of the cycle that is taking place.

Problematic (Yeah) You know that d**k always been problematic (Yeah) Somehow, I'm always caught in your dramatics All in your acrobatics You know I want the static Tell me to throw it backwards, uh (Ooh)

Kehlani has never been one to hide from her fans. She always embraces them with her truth and gives them a closer look at her life with her passionate heartfelt songs. Friday (Mar. 13) the singer took to Twitter to address how she appreciates how her fans and listeners basically think they know her even though it makes her "feel a way" sometimes.

While Lani has announced that her album is actually finished, there are no clear signs if "Toxic" will appear on the project. As of lately, Kehlani has just been dropping out tunes for the listeners at will without any announcement (and we are not complaining; keep it coming!).

With her album arriving sometime this year, the singer has been busy featuring on tracks of artists such as Megan Thee Stallion and Justin Bieber. She will also head out on tour with Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith this coming May.

Until then, stream Kehlani's "Toxic," right now on Apple Music.

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