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Kehlani Lets It All Out with "Valentine's Day (Shameful)"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Only a few days after releasing her lovey-dovey joint single, "Konclusions," with her boyfriend. (or maybe now EX-boyfriend) rapper YG, Baelani is back with yet ANOTHER heartfelt, ground shaking track that hits you right in the feels.

This time around, the Californian songstress holds not an ounce of her feelings back and lays it all on the table for the world to consume and digest. Released at the scary hours of Monday (Feb. 17) morning, Kehlani took to Twitter to drop her newest single on SoundCloud. "a lot to say a lot to feel. valentine’s day (shameful) on my soundcloud now," the 24 year-old wrote in a short tweet.

In a similar post on Instagram the singer added, "thanks for letting me come get it out my system when i need it," before tagging the producers and contributors Leon Thomas, Axel Folie, and The Rascals.

Now, while Kehlani is no stranger to transparency, openness, and vulnerability, "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" might just be one of Lani's rawest songs to date. The song arrives as what appears to be a public breakup with YG. She begins the somber track stuck and unsure of how to respond, feel, or process what she's feeling. Nonetheless, she's hurting and that's for sure.

"Torn between crying for help And not lettin' them see me sweat But it's certain sh*t I can't forget I won't get over it easy, sh*t makes me queasy I am making amends with myself Forgiving me for loving you"

She is nearly sick to her stomach from the humiliation, embarrassment, and turmoil YG has apparently created (which has caused the song's conception). She battles internally with if she should even entertain this mess and make it known how despicable her former lover is, or save her words and energy on more important matters. She holds nothing back as she makes it clear and known that he is leech who has used her for status, fame, notoriety, and more.

She doesn't want to give him anymore attention but she points out the ways she helped to elevate his life, develop him through his flaws, and water him so that he could continue to grow even in tainted soil.

"I got to give myself credit for loving as hard as I did I helped you fight your addiction and change your whole life Just to find myself played in the end Ain't no regrets cause I'm proud that my heart was so pure And I'm never ashamed of my love"

Throughout the song she looks back on her younger "immature" self and how she could go back to that person but she will not allow herself to revert back to her previous ways. She refuses to not be the bigger person. She begins the healing process through her lyrics. She reminds herself of her power, her worth, and value. She reminds herself of the purity of her heart.

As she continues to the end of the song, Lani enlightens her fans on exactly how she found out about the infidelity. After that she transforms into a more... savage Lani. She's seen enough and now she's done. She begins to wish the best for her ex lover as she sends him off.

Again, she knows her worth, what she brings to the table, and she won't let anyone take that away from her. By the end of the song she simply calls YG and his actions "shameful."

Although the cause of the song is sad, SoundCloud Lani is the best! She gives us her utmost authentic feelings and lyrics. Her delivery can always be felt through each and every verse. Throughout the song, her voice is commanding, strong, and passionate. The production matches as it creates this dream-like, cloudy atmosphere for the listeners. Let's make it clear:


Listen to Kehlani's, "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" on SoundCloud, right now!

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