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Kehlani Gets Steamy in New Song & Video "F&MU"

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Despite all of the current negativity online, one thing that proves consistent is Kehlani's work ethic. Not even a month after releasing the second single from her upcoming third album, It Was Good Until It Wasn't, Kehlani is already back & even better with her new spicy single from the album, "F&MU." Released on this rainy Tuesday (Apr. 30), Lani continues her series of sexy, stimulating, quarantined visuals.

In yet another, self-directed visual, "F&MU" focuses on the topic of passionate physical interaction. Kehlani, known for putting all of her emotions on the front-lines, does that and more in this zesty video. Taking place within her home, the story is simple. A sensual and cozy Kehlani sings throughout her house about the fiery sex that comes along with the petty, topsy-turvy battles within her relationship. Filled with highly sexual energy, she makes it clear that in the twinkling of an eye, the anger can quickly turn into love (and then some).

"We f**k & make up like it's Maybelline

We do petty things

Then mess up the sheets, yeah

You be runnin' back once we let it go

I already know, did time before."

While so very toxic, it is very relatable to many (and that is one of the reasons many love Kehlani, her relatability). The visual highlights both Lani and her love interest doing a sequence of choreography, as well as up close and very personal in both... the shower and the bedroom.

Regardless of what goes on in her life, Kehlani makes sure to keep her focus on her craft and continues to provide quality content throughout this quarantine. With her album only 8 days away, Kehlani fanatics (like myself) and genuine music lovers' thirst will finally be quenched very soon.

Stream Kehlani's "F&MU" on streaming platforms now and/or watch the video above!

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