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Kaytraminé Release Wavy Visual for Dance-Heavy "4EVA" Single with Pharrell Williams

It's time to dance! Over the last couple of years, music has seen a heavy resurgence into the realm of irresistible dance records. From Drake and Beyoncé to so many more, artists have made the message clear - it's time to DANCE. Having experienced the bondage of Covid-19 and other diseases over the last few years, the world wants to experience joy, bliss, and freedom once again. Now taking matters into their own hands, the iconic Kaytraminé (Kaytranada and Aminé) have taken the torch and are ready to deliver a summer filled with dancing and liberation.

Following the announcement of their newly formed duo, single, and upcoming album, the two geniuses have released the wavy visual for their Pharrell co-produced/featured single, "4EVA." Released Tuesday (Apr. 11), the visual sets the atmosphere for the makings of a beautiful summer

You cannot initiate a dance revival or revolution of any sort without the incomparable talent that is Kaytranada. Add Aminė's polished, clever bars and suave delivery on top of Kaytra's sensational production and you're talking hits now. The two complement each other organically and it shows visually as well as sonically. The vibrant, unorthodox visual immediately takes listeners to a warm summer brunch day, with a gentle breeze, mimosas pouring in, and not a care in the world. It's flowy, freeing, and downright fun to listen to.

Even the hardest of soldiers are going to hit a nice two-step/sway combination with their drink in hand at the day party. The production penetrates your soul and Pharrell's repetitive chorus runs through your mind effortlessly. Before the groovy track ends, the two leave fans wanting more with a snippet of an even smoother record the two are gearing to release. Having made their goal clear for the summer, Kaytraminé set the tone to accomplish that goal with their lead single.

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