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K CAMP: "Kiss 5" Review

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

For years, Atlanta's own, K Camp has consistently provided us with anthems, hits, and vibes. Showing no signs of slowing down, he's back with an all-new project. A year after 2019's Wayy 2 Kritical, Camp is back with his newest album, Kiss 5! Released Friday (Apr. 24), the 15-song album runs for approximately 46 minutes. It also includes the lead singles, "Ice Cold" and "Black Men Don't Cheat." The fifth installment in his KISS series, Kiss 5 recruits guest spots from Wale, Ari Lennox, Jeremih, Tink, 6LACK, Jacquees, and more. The new project also arrives a joint effort from Interscope Records, EMPIRE, and K Camp's own label, RARE Sound.

On Kiss 5, K Camp further develops this highly mesmerizing Trap infused R&B sound and blows it out of the park! The album's intro, "Regret" sets the tone as Camp and an anonymous songstress sing together about how much they have invested into their lovers. The two care for their partners and do not want to see them with anyone else but them.

K Camp has such harmonious execution. His enunciation and cadences within his verses are very enjoyable. Once you add the trap melodies on top of this, you almost forget you're still listening to Hip-Hop. He blends the dimensions of R&B, Trap, and Hip-Hop together so well. Records like "Fall In Line," "Ice Cold," "Friendly," and "Rude Boy" utilize these catchy, melodic choruses that infiltrate your spirit with ease. His verses are not intricate or complex. However, his delivery (along with the trap production) makes him stand out from other artists; It's almost conversational. His usage of repetition within his choruses and verses actually does not agitate me at all. Instead, it makes you want to singalong. You feel the passion in each record.

As listeners trek through the album they are greeted with dope collaborations. KISS 5's features are some of the shining moments of the album. The first notable feature arrives with charming 90's R&B appealed "What's On Your Mind." Recruiting Jacquees' smooth appeal, both he and Camp asks their lovers essentially what's been on their mental, because they both seem to be acting funny. The production on this track is immaculate and makes the song a personal favorite. More of that authentic R&B production arrives on the Wale and Joe Trufant-assisted "Trill Love." Here, Camp showcases more of the rapper side, but still manages to blend the R&B melody. Camp even gets Wale to sing about stunting and dealing with the ratchets.

Enlisting Yella Beezy, "Top 10" finds K Camp reminding his current lover that while she may not be his primary selection, she makes it to the top 10 list. My favorite feature arrives with the soul-filled "Black Men Don't Cheat." The three-piece combo of 6lack, Tink, and Ari Lennox simmers in your core like the finest soul food. With his last feature, Camp displays his sexual prowess with the help of the Jeremih on the steamy "1 Mo Time."

One of my favorite moments of the album comes with the heartfelt anthem "Scared to Love." K Camp fights with not trusting the wrong women and giving his heart / love to the right one that's down for him. He longs for a true bond; something that is worth fighting for and establishing a true partnership. The player life now bores him and he wants more, but he's fearful of putting his heart on his sleeve for someone.

As the album ends, listeners are met with the sensational TikTok viral hit, "Lottery." While the song has been out for over a year now, it appears as a bonus track on Kiss 5.

Overall, the album's quality really surprised me. The album is really great from beginning to end. Kiss 5 brings forth K Camp's R&B side. We're used to all of the hard-hitting club bangers, but he slows the tempo on majority of this project and I love it. I mean to be frank, these slow cuts are still bangers too. Honestly, unless you're skipping to go your favorite songs, the album does not require any skipping. As a firm believer of giving people their flowers while they are still here to smell them, K Camp deserves multiple bouquets. For one, his work ethic is insane. He's constantly dropping quality tunes. From the gems that had HBCU graduates (like myself) going sick at the events, to the viral, social media sensations like "Lottery," K Camp is a FORCE.

Whether you like it or not, Kiss 5 is pretty solid! The production is nice, the flow & delivery are pleasant, and the energy is high. One negative of the album is that a few of the tracks sound slightly similar to one another. Nonetheless, the album definitely contains replay-able songs that many can bump at any time way after the release of this project. It's a whole vibe. I give Kiss 5 an 8/10.

Top Songs from Kiss 5:

  1. What's On Your Mind

  2. Trill Love

  3. Ice Cold

  4. Black Men Don't Cheat

  5. Scared of Love (Outro)

Honorable Mention: 1 Mo Time

You can stream K Camp's Kiss 5 on all available streaming platforms.

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