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Joe. Meet. The World.

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

"Joe, you really need to make a blog!" "Joe, when are you going to ever make a blog?" "You're a very talented writer. Do you have your own blog?" I've heard these and other phrases as such for what literally feels like ages. From family, friends, to co-workers and even complete strangers, I have been told about how great my skill as a writer is and that I should be utilizing it more on myself rather than others.

Well world, HERE I AM! It's truly been a long time coming but I do believe timing is key and what is for you will continue to be for you no matter the time. Initially, self-doubt arose instantly... Questions such as, "What would this blog even be about?" "Am I even that interesting to have a blog?" "Who will even read this?" all rose to the surface and paralyzed me with such a fear that whenever the thought of a blog eased its way into my mind, I simply ignored it. I had to remind myself of a couple of things: 1. I can literally do all things through Christ who strengthens me and 2. I'm a dope writer (if I do say so myself)!

This blog will peel back the various layers that is Joe. I love Hip-Hop/R&B, I love to write about music, entertainment, and celebrities. I also love fashion, style, and basically all things dope. Lastly, I have developed a love for photography that simply fulfills me in ways I did not think it would. These various creative outlets are what have really molded me into what I am today. This blog will bring all of those various elements that make me, and combine them into this sort of chaotic yet beautiful puzzle piece that will allow me to connect with others while also expressing myself in a way that I have never done before. All things music, fashion, photography, you name it, that relates to me will be featured here!

No longer will I let anything hinder me from whatever it is I aspire to do... including myself. It's time to take over!

Welcome to the world!

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