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JMW's Top 10 Songs of October 2019

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

September left me with so many tracks that I genuinely fell in love with. In that same exact breath, October kept the same exact energy, providing me with more personal gems that I will rock with years after their release. Check out my top 10 tracks of October 2019.

1. Summer Walker - Body

There's not much to say other than, October was Summer Walker's month. Aside from her anti-social behavior on stage, social media antics, and other distractions, her album, Over It is one of the best female debut R&B albums I have ever played in my entire life. While I love the entire album (literally), "Body" was simply one of those tracks that sizzled through my head like my mama's fresh bacon on a Saturday morning.

From London's production, to Summer's intoxicatingly beautiful voice, the song is a win from beginning to end. Sampling 702's "Get It Together," you literally can feel the passion oozing out of Summer as she sings. She knows this dude isn't necessarily good for her but she craves his presence. She knows she has options, but she wants this particular person. The song truly is one of the best on the project (but honestly, the whole album is golden).

2. Chris Brown - Tell Me How You Feel (feat. Tory Lanez)

Released as a part of his "Extended" edition of his latest album, "Indigo," Chris Brown continues to deliver hits. This time teaming up with Tory Lanez, the two get right to business as they plead with their lovers to stop playing so hard to get, let them please their bodies the best way they know how to, and to tell the artists how they feel as they do it. Honestly, I love when the two come together because they create that pure love making R&B music that listeners love and appreciate.

Tory sets the atmosphere with his suave appeal before Chris comes in with his larger-than-life vocals and unforgettable chorus. The song is very sexual, very vivid, and very intense. It's truly great.

3. Wale - Expectations (feat. 6LACK)

Last month, Mr. Wale Forlarin released, in my opinion, one of his best albums to date, "Wow... That's Crazy." Covering the overall theme of mental health and it's effects on us, the album peels back yet another layer of Wale and increases his transparency with his listeners as they journey through the project.

"Expectations" furthers this theme as he and 6LACK flow together about the disastrous effects that expectations bring upon our minds and mental heath. Truly, the record is very relatable from beginning to end. Wale executes flawlessly rapping about raw and authentic topics while 6LACK provides the "calm-in-the-storm" appeal with his smooth effortless delivery. It is actually my top favorite on the album.

4. Gucci Mane (Big Booty feat. Meg Thee Stallion)

Dropping his latest project, "Woptober II," Gucci mane continues to provide the trap with never ending music. The album's first single "Big Booty" immediately became my favorite off of the first listen. Teaming with head stallion herself, Meg Thee Stallion, the two come together to make one thing clear, if it ain't a big booty, it ain't worth discussing.

Guwop gets straight to the point telling all of the skinny girls to step to side and make way for the bodacious, thick queens. Meg, being a stallion herself, easily follows this energy with a effortless verse. Raw as usual, the queen holds her tongue for nobody as she raps about her body, not seeing anyone as competition, and just how her body will make any man fall into their respective role. If you haven't seen the visual for this song, you should do that right now.

5. Summer Walker - Tonight

Yeah, that's right. Summer is back on the list. When I say the album was really good, it was really good. Another cut from Over It, "Tonight" is another sensual, sexy, and, passionate. Summer's voice is just... so soothing. Think of your favorite wine and how it makes you feel - that is Summer Walker's voice.

The lyricism is simple. She's been busy working and she has not seen her lover in quite some time. To make up for the lost time, she plans to simply be with this person and enjoy every fiber of their being. Again, she craves that physical pleasure and presence and she has no problem sharing it.

6. YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Makes No Sense

I never imagined to ever enjoy a YoungBoy song as much as I love "Makes No Sense." I'm almost sure it is because of his charisma and the absolutely hard production, but the song literally makes you want to get up and just lose it. In terms of the trap appeal, YoungBoy definitely makes impact and makes you feel everything he raps.

He raps about feeling like Gucci Mane in 2006, his wealth, and still being in that hood lifestyle regardless of his achievements. Honestly, it doesn't make sense and he knows it.

7. G-Eazy - I Wanna Rock (feat. Gunna)

G-Eazy is easily one of my favorite white rappers out currently. His flow, demeanor, and style are unapologetic and authentic. Teaming up with Gunna for the first time ever, the two create a vibe with "I Wanna Rock." Appearing as the first single from his latest EP, "Scary Nights," Young Gerald gets straight to it rapping about his lifestyle, not following the trends, or even wanting friends.

His focus is making his money and being 100% himself. He is truly self aware and confident. Gunna follows G-Eazy's vibe floating over the track covering similar topics as well. It wouldn't be a Gunna feature without the usual bravado and gloating over money, women, and style. The visual for the record is very cinematic and gives a Joker / Harley Quinn aesthetic.

8. Eric Bellinger - Headline (feat. Kehlani)

It was not hard for me to fall in love with this track. Eric and Kehlani together? Exactly. Arriving on his latest "Saved By The Bellinger" project, the two came together and did exactly what I expected them to do. With spacey, extra-terrestrial production, Eric sets the tone for the record painting this story of falling in love with this top artist who is essentially the headliner.

However, mid way through his verse, the narrative changes and he is now the headliner that she is crushing on. Kehlani maintains this version of the narrative, providing the smooth, sexual vibes singing about watching her man headline on the stage. She's proud of her man, the way he pleases her body, and how he makes her feel. She's his biggest fan and vice versa. The two harmonizing together is lovely and I find myself playing this record over and over.

9. Kash Doll - No Lames (feat. Summer Walker)

Aside from the agist jokes and antics on social media, Kash Doll is actually a hard artist. I've recently found myself playing more of her music and she has talent. Last month she dropped her debut album "Stacked," and from it I was blessed with this gem, "No Lames."

I know what you're thinking, "Summer Walker... again Joe?!" Yes, the Summer Walker-assisted feature is a vibe. The moment I turned it on, I just felt the energy. Very soft and gentle, Summer bellows about longing to be able to trust and love this dude, but she can't. Kash rides the beat delivering a fire verse about her assets, her worth, and what she brings to the table.

She won't deal with any type of lames under any circumstances. If the clowns are gonna play with her she makes it clear she does not desire or need their vibes... She can provide it herself. Truly, Summer killed this feature and Kash did not disappoint either.

10. Guapdad 4000 - Izayah (feat. KEY!, Maxo Kream, & Denzel Curry)

Everyone's favorite scammer is back! Releasing his "Dior Deposits" album last month, Guapdad 4000 brings the scammer, luxury life back into our speakers but with much flavor! The entire song is a complete flex. Maxo, Denzel, KEY!, and Guapdad 4000 stunt about getting money, getting women, their disdain for police, and their various rich lifestyles.

The song is just gritty! The production brings out the infamous stink face that I always mention and the energy on the record is pure high energy.

The energy was high, the releases were solid, and yet again I was pleased. October did not disappoint me. With every month, I continue to find true gems that I rock with on a daily on my way to work, out with my friends, or even if I'm simply in the house chilling. Can't wait to see what the last couple months of 2019 bring!

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