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JMW's Top 10 Songs of November 2019

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Doing things a little differently, instead of waiting for the next month to come and I reflect on the previous month, I will now do my top 10 lists for each month during that month. November has been very special to me as it relates to music. Musically, I've heard some pretty great tunes that I cannot get out of my head (even if I wanted to). Check out my top 10 songs of November!

1. Kindl - Omw

While the new kid on the block unfortunately does not have a video on YouTube for me to properly display, Kindl is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Discovering the song while rapping with my barber (follow her on Instagram @pleasantcuts), I immediately could not get enough of this record. From the light, mysterious production, to the vocal delivery, to the lyrics I fell in love with "Omw!"

Kindl sings about dealing with his internal self, finding his peace, and keeping it together essentially. Using the song, Kindl heals himself and creates such a dope record. His voice and delivery truly gives off Chris Brown / Khalid vibes and it makes for such a great listen!

2. Lil Baby - Woah

Arriving as the second single from his upcoming sophomore album, "Woah" literally is the pregame anthem! Per usual, Lil Baby comes through with a cocky, braggadocios vibe that will have you ready to flex on your haters and remind them exactly why they are deemed... haters.

Lil Baby flows about his luxury lifestyle, his haters, and his wealth. He taunts the haters and reminds them essentially none of them can get to his level and he wants to make sure they see it front row and center.

3. Kehlani - You Know Wassup

It's a no brainer that Kehlani is one of my favorite artists ever. Returning to solo work, the Oakland R&B songstress came through a little over a week ago with this precious emotional gem, "You Know Wassup."

I actually wrote a review on this a little over a week ago, but the feelings are still indeed the same. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she releases her thoughts and feelings presumably about YG into the track. She makes it clear that regardless of the obstacles, trauma, and drama, the love she has for him won't ever stop as it overflowing like a river.

4. Jhené Aiko - None of Your Concern (feat. Big Sean)

Keeping it moving with the emotional train, we arrive at another personal favorite, the spiritual, soul-soothing Jhené Aiko. Also, another track that I recently reviewed, "None of Your Concern" tells Jhené's personal narrative of her public failed relationship with Big Sean.

She reaches deep within herself and pulls out every emotion she feels to deliver a truly moving track that will relate with people of all kinds. She progresses through the break-up stages of hurt and humility, and quickly goes to healing. She reminds Sean that her life is no longer his concern. Sean on the other hand lets her know they never will really be done while also getting very vivid in detail about their sexual encounters.

The two leave listeners even more confused. Will they get back together? Will they continue this charade?

5. Tory Lanez - Beauty in the Benz (feat. Snoop Dogg)

November was such an important month to many for this very reason, Tory Lanez! That's right, the buildup and anticipation for Chixtape 5 was severe. Tory's marketing for the project was very nostalgic and humorous. From the album, this was probably the first track that immediately grabbed my attention.

That production alone is IT! Sampling the O.G. Snoop Dogg's '03 hit, "Beautiful," Tory brings back that nostalgic production almost mimicking that of the legendary Pharrell. The song finds Tory spitting game to the newest girl in the Chixtape series, Leah. The flow is dope, the energy is very vintage, and the delivery makes you want to pay it over and over. Snoop comes through with a nice verse, and furthers the throwback energy even the more.

6. Jacquees - Superstar (feat. Summer Walker)

Now, I would not consider myself a fan of Jacquees in the slightest, but I would be a hater to deny that he dropped some gems on his album, "King Of R&B." Obviously, when I saw Summer's name on the track list I could not wait to hear this record. "Superstar" is a very smooth, laid back R&B vibe.

Jacquees' voice is tolerable and actually pretty decent here. The young singer bellows to Summer about reversing the roles and he being here groupie while she's the superstar. Summer provides those spine-chilling, dreamy vocals that I legitimately cannot get enough of. The pair's voices mesh together pretty well and makes for a solid listen.

7. HoodRich Pablo Juan - Iced Up (feat. Gucci Mane & Wiz Khalifa)

It's something about HoodRich Pablo Juan's demeanor, charisma, and flow that I love. Coming from his latest project "DMV (Dope Money Violence)" HoodRich, Gucci, and Wiz come through with one of the hardest tracks this month. Both Gucci and Wiz effortlessly deliver hard-hitting verses that brings out my infamous stink face.

The production is so dope and the record makes you feel like such a boss. HoodRich arrives on the track after Guwop and Wiz and hold his own. With his trademark flow and delivery he raps about his women, his ice, wealth, and his swag. The song sounds amazing in the car and it is definitely one of those bangers you play before, during, and even after the function.

8. Tinashe & 6LACK - Touch & Go

Fresh off the release of her newest album "Songs For You," Tinashe follows the footsteps of artists like Kehlani and Jhené Aiko delivering yet another emotional, relatable diamond for listeners to eat up. Teaming with 6lack (another personal fave of mine), the two go back and forth trying to mend their broken relationships, but their lovers are clearly not applying any pressure or effort to fix things. This ultimately ends with the creation of a "touch and go" relationship.

The production is very chill yet theatrical adding the necessary energy to follow the song's lyrics. The song is definitely one of my favorites from the project.

9. Dave East - Night Shift (feat. Lil Baby)

It's been some time since I listened to Dave East but I could not deny the heat that came from this track! Coming from his Nas-produced, debut album, "Survival," "Night Shift" finds Dave and Lil Baby reminiscing on trapping during the night shift, staying protected, and being ready for any and everything that may arise in that trap life.

Over Murda Beatz & Sool Got Hits' production, the two connect and make a great street anthem with actual pure lyricism. The song vividly paints a picture for listeners and tells a story as listeners journey through the track (and album).

10. PartyNextDoor - The News

Party is back! After a long two year of shadowy features and no solo work, PartyNextDoor is back with some new vibes. Friday Nov. 22, the Canadian singer dropped not 1 but 2 new singles for listeners to consume. The first single reunited both he and Drake with an upbeat dancehall vibe entitled, "Loyal."

However, the second single finds Party returning to that sound that caused listeners like me to fall in love with his music. Much more somber than that of "Loyal," "The News" is very shadowy, mysterious, and dark in production. Party expresses his worth and value as he tells his lover or shall I say... former lover off. He makes it clear that he's aware of whatever disloyalty she may have conducted and brings it to the light.

He lets her know that she does not deserve him or his love. Instead of being bitter and humiliated, Party sounds very calm as he makes it known to his lover that he is aware of her dirt.

November's list is very unique and provided me with another month of quality content. As we approach the final month of 2019 I'm utterly excited to see what new (and GOOD) music we will be blessed with.

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