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JMW's Top 10 Songs of March 2021

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

With Spring loudly and proudly on display, the month of March has felt like... several months all in one. After laying a family member to eternal rest, being rejected from an amazing opportunity with a dream company, dealing with Covid-19 within my family, and trying to rebuild my confidence & strength to continue to create new content, I'm back and much better. Even throughout these various tough moments, you know what kept me together (other than God)? Music. Here are my top 10 tracks of March.

1. Drake - What's Next

I'll say this one time and leave it here... There is only one Aubrey Graham. The level of excellence, skill, and greatness that resides on the inside of Drake is pure insanity. Continuously delivering for over a decade, the 34-year-old literally continues to outdo himself with every. single. release. Surprising the world at the beginning of the month, with his fourth EP, Scary Hours 2, Drizzy came through with the bass cackling "What's Next." Literally, I played the entire EP when it dropped at midnight and lost it.

While I love all 3 of the songs, What's Next is TRULY for me. The flex, the calmness, the confidence, the swagger, all of it is outstanding. Every bar hits my core as if I wrote it. The song reeks with cockiness but it's filled with so much swag. It's literally Drake telling us, "I know I've been quiet, but please don't you ever forget who I am." I love it.

And the visual... the visual equally matches the song's flex and reminds us all that Drake is and will forever be... THAT DUDE.

2. Drake - Wants And Needs (feat. Lil Baby)

I already know what you're thinking..."Did he really just put Drake on this list back-to-back like this? My response... Are you dumb (I'm kidding but I'm really serious)? Of course I did. Keeping his foot on all our necks, Drake maintains the tenacious energy but also enlists none other than Lil Baby himself for the second track from Scary Hours 2. While still keeping a braggadocios, bold, and cocky demeanor, both Drake and Baby flow about keeping a balance in their lives on the various aspects of their lives that they consider life wants versus life needs.

Again, the bars are there, the flow is crucial, and the execution is flawless. I mean, why do you think I call this man one of my favorite rappers to date. And we must acknowledge the young legend that is Lil Baby. He maintains a sharp flow while keeping up with Drake and delivering those bars that make you bring out the infamous stink face. Again... I just love it.

3. Coi Leray - BIG PURR (Prrdd) [feat. Pooh Shiesty]

Before I begin, let me make it crystal clear that I don't care how anyone feels about this song. I simply do not... The way that I play this every day... I said exactly what I said. Following up to her viral, sensational "No More Parties" hit (both the original and the remix featuring Lil Durk), Coi returned this month with her HIGHLY anticipated single, "BIG PURR" featuring none other than Mr. Brrdd Brrdd himself, Pooh Shiesty.

I will say this, I did not listen to or even entertain the thought of Coi's music prior to No More Parties, but when that released, it was like I was infected with a bug. From the original No More Parties to the remix with Durkio, to Big Purr, I can't seem to get enough of Coi Leray. The charisma, the uniqueness, and unorthodox flow are all there. Released towards the end of the month, over this sinister production, "Big Purr" makes you instantly want to hit 90 on the gas. As soon as you hear, "He call me BIG PURR," it's a wrap.

The only downsides are that the song is very short (to me) and rather repetitive after the first couple of verses. It starts off full throttle but begins to ease up by the end. Nonetheless, Big Purr gets me going.

4. Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic - Leave The Door Open

When Bruno Mars announced this smooth pairing known as "Silk Sonic." I was a bit unsure of wha to expect. While both Him and Anderson .Paak are two incredible artists, I wasn't sure how or what they would sound like as a group. Let me just say... Thank you, a thousand times thank you both Andy and Bruno for this beautiful gift.

With their debut single, "Leave the Door Open" releasing at the beginning of the month, the group transports listeners back to the days of passionate, lovemaking music that made you feel something. The type of music where you would profess your love for your significant other in the rain. Both the song and the Bruno & Florent Déchard-directed visual radiate pure 70's/80's R&B energy (and my soul could not be happier). Andy and Bruno profess and declare their love for their significant others and make it clear that their doors will ALWAYS be open to their lovers anytime they desire to enter inside. The musicality, the vocals, the nostalgic appeal, etc. are all amazing. It truly sounds like music made during my parents' time.

5. Lucky Daye, Masego, & Alex Isley - Good & Plenty (Remix)

If you have never heard the name Alex Isley, do me a favor, pull out your phone and type her name in the search, right now! In terms of modern, contemporary R&B, Alex Isley is a name that should be on every list of the dopest newer R&B acts out right now. Her voice takes me to the land flowing with milk and honey. The original "Good & Plenty" was already enough for me. However, Alex had to go and bring the incredible voice that is Lucky Daye, and create such a pure R&B moment for me. Along with Masego, the two generate such a refreshing, soothing track. I can get lost in this song for literal periods at a time.

6. Joyce Wrice - Losing

Where do I begin... After tapping into Joyce Wrice's debut album Overgrown a couple of weeks ago, I just knew I needed more. Her artistry is so pure and so intentional. On "Losing," she reflects on a relationship that' she was clearly more invested in than her partner. She notes and acknowledges her worth. She makes it evident that this lover does not deserve her body, her love, or her soul at all. Her voice is so moving and authentic. As a listener, you can feel the passion in every thing she utters out of her mouth. It is organic and natural. I'm definitely a new fan.

7. Justin Bieber - Peaches (feat. Daniel Ceasar & GIVĒON)

If you didn't know, this blog is a Justin Bieber loving space. After returning to music with his melodic "Changes" album, the young 26-year-old returned this month with his sixth album, Justice. Along with releasing the album, Bieber also dropped the visual for one of the album's lead singles, "Peaches." Recruiting both Daniel Caesar & GIVĒON, the three create an all-out mesmerizing, pop-friendly, R&B gem that listeners simply cannot deny.

Bringing the feels, the charm, and the grown & sexy display, the song feels great. Justin Bieber confesses his love for his wife, her touch, her uplifting nature, and more. While he's been rather quiet after his rather controversial remarks in the past, there is no voice like Daniel Caesar's. He amplifies the song's quality even more and brings wonderful soul hitting melodies.

If that wasn't enough, GIVĒON puts on for the tenors with his hearty voice. His charm and delivery adds the icing on the heavily decorated cake, making for a lovely dessert for all listeners. The colorful visual matches the flow of the song perfectly and makes me happy every time I watch it.

Justin, you really got a banger with this record.

8. Destin Conrad - BILL$

Now, an artist I've been listening to for about a little over a year now and I've been heavily enjoying is no other than Destin Conrad. While his origins trace back to the days of vine with funny videos, Destin Conrad, the artist is unlike anything I've heard before. His voice, while calm and smooth, tells stories in every lyric.

Releasing his debut EP, Colorway at the beginning of the month, the 20-year-old Los Angeles native is definitely destined for greatness. Both a songwriter / producer, his eye for creativity, sound, and lyricism in music is outstanding. It's something almost hypnotic and entrancing about BILL$ that makes me want to put the song on a never ending loop.

Having already worked with the likes of his friends & major movers in the R&B industry such as Kehlani and Ambré, Destin is definitely up next. Directed by “Hyphy Williamz“ and executively produced by Kehlani, the silky, Honey Shot Productions-visual is colorful and striking. Destin assumes the role of what appears to be an uber driver, riding with a variety of... interesting figures.

The song is great, the visual is dope, and Destin is definitely another artist that you should have on your radar.

9. GIVĒON - All To Me

One thing GIVĒON does not do is miss. His unconventional voice and captivating ballads take me to such a place. His artistry is incredible. In celebration of his last two projects, the 26-year-old combined the projects (hence the EP's name) and released a brand new record, "All To Me."

While the song is very sensual and stimulating, it's a bit of a flex as Givēon basically reminds his lover that nobody can make her feel the way that he does. They may try and she may even seek the feelings from others, but at the end of the day they simply cannot duplicate the pressure that Givēon has already applied. Because of this, she finds her way back to him. His voice, delivery, and lyrics are all literally a chef's kiss. The music is just so good.

10. Moneybagg Yo & Future - Hard for the Next

Over the years, Moneybagg Yo has definitely become a more recent favorite of mine. Following the release of his hard single, "Time Today," Bagg switches gears and brings more of the trap melody for "Hard for the Next." Teaming up with Future, the two still show off their wealth, stature, and power as they rap about upgrading their women's lifestyles, spoiling them, and ultimately making extremely difficult for the next man who may come their ladies' way.

As previously stated, March felt like several months all in one. It was a heavy one. I felt like I lost myself and then found myself (and continue to discover myself). However, in my opinion, the music released this month was incredible. I'm excited to see what April will usher in as we head into even warmer temperatures. Until then, continue to stay safe, encouraged, and uplifted.

Stream JMW's Top 10 Songs of March 2021 below, only on Apple Music!

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