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JMW's Top 10 Songs of March 2020

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Even in the midst of these chaotic unpredictable times, the month of March has most certainly been on full display musically. With the release of so many dope projects, singles, and more, March has been keeping us all sane as we continue quarantine inside of our homes. Let's tap into JMW's Top 10 tracks of March!

1. Lil Uzi Vert - Silly Watch

March saw the return of Lil Uzi Vert with not one but TWO albums a week apart; Eternal Atake being the first, and LUV vs. The World 2 arriving a week later as the Deluxe Edition to EA. From the first drop, Uzi BLESSED our ears with the rapid, machine-gun flow that is "Silly Watch!" From beginning to end, Uzi goes off like a semi-automatic. His confidence is evident, his swag is immaculate, and his flow is sharp. Easily one of my favorite Uzi songs ever.

2. Don Toliver - Euphoria (feat. Kaash Paige & Travis Scott)

Now, I actually discovered this song in January, on Instagram, in a video snippet Kylie teased for her cosmetic line. Although the snippet was so short, my spirit was immediately mesmerized by the harmony and cloudy appeal of this track. Teaming up yet again with mentor and frequent collaborator Travis Scott and the young Dallas crooner, Kaash Paige for the first time, Euphoria creates this out-of-body experience.

The three create this hypnotic melody that will have every listener singing along consciously (or subconsciously). This is easily one of my favorites of the month.

3. Jhené Aiko - B.S. (feat. H.E.R.)

Along with Uzi, our soulful nympho, Jhené Aiko returned to the music scene with her third studio album, Chilombo. When I say the album is utterly amazing from beginning to end, be wise and trust my words. She never fails me. On the first run through of the album, the H.E.R.-assisted, "B.S." quickly stood out to me.

On their first collaboration, the two chuck the deuces up to lame guys, and get back on their sh*t as they repeat passionately throughout the song. Jhené provides a rap-like melodic verse as she flexes on her old love. H.E.R. effortlessly follows up with the final blow and boom, we have a hit on our hands.

4. Megan Thee Stallion - Savage

Let me just start by saying, if I see one more dance challenge made to this song I might just explode (but seriously...). Lol. Prior to the song BLOWING up on one of the newest platforms known as Tik Tok, I definitely had "Savage" ranked as one of the top songs from Meg's, Suga project (Check out my review on it for more information).

From the contagious chorus to Meg's cocky essence and trademark flow, Savage was definitely one of the first standout tracks on the project.

5. PartyNextDoor - Nothing Less

With his first album in nearly 3 year, OVO's shadowy persona, PartyNextDoor returned Friday (Mar. 27) with his highly-anticipated project, PARTYMOBILE. While the album was very underwhelming (to me), of course I discovered gems. The album's opener, "Nothing Less" reverts us back to the days of vintage Party - that PND, PND 2 Party.

The Canadian singer bellows about not giving his lover anything less than the best from him. The dreamy production matches his distinct harmonious voice. Mysterious and chilling, he comes through with a pure vibe and sets the tone for his album very well.

6. Kehlani - Toxic

I'm sure my readers probably go, "This guy is ALWAYS including Kehlani somehow, someway onto his posts." If that was you, you're absolutely right. Why not when she just consistently, continually delivers each and every time? On "Toxic," Kehlani takes the sex appeal up 10 levels and leaves the room... steamy if you will.

In her past couple singles, she's emphasized her hurt and pain, but on Toxic she's strictly sexual. With the help of Ty Dolla $ign's eerie background vocals, Lani recounts the physical interaction and love between both she and her former flame. She reminisces about their toxic love. Like a drug, she cannot rid herself of him at one point.

While the song has been out for most of this month, she followed up with a sexy, sultry quarantine-styled video for it. I had to ask myself, "Is it hot in here, or is that just me?" The video shows exactly what I've known about Kehlani since I first started listening to her... she has sex appeal THROUGH. THE. ROOF. Sheesh.

7. Rico Nasty - Lightning

March also saw the return of the rising DMV Hip-Hop Rockstar, Rico Nasty! Like a thief in the night, Rico comes through with another bigger-than-life vibe on "Lightning." Flexing her wealth, newfound stardom, and success, Rico sets the record straight that she is the head honcho, the prototype, and the unforgettable one. With her usual unorthodox flow, she gets in her bag as she stunts on her haters in the latest fashions, while riding around in a dope Tesla.

8. Gunna - SKYBOX

Gunna has been relatively quiet in terms of releasees, but he made his return this month. "SKYBOX" delivers the usual GUNNA we're used to seeing; high fashion, confidence, braggadocios bars, and charismatic delivery. I really love the visual for this song. It tells this story of Gunna going to a faraway land. As he crash lands, we are introduced to a different culture.

I appreciate how he mixes his flashy lifestyle with the culture and creates an all new experience for viewers. By the end of the video, the people of the land enjoy his song, dance, and sing along with him before sending him on his way. The track is very catchy and very smooth. You can't help but rock to it as you listen.

9. The Weeknd - Escape from LA

Another artist who returned this month, The Weeknd released his first full length album, After Hours. His first full length album in 4 years, while still providing that mainstream techno, electric appeal, he definitely drifts back to the realms of his vintage Tumblr sound that we fell in love with years ago!

One of my absolute favorites from the project is "Escape From LA." Abel (that's his real name if you didn't know) sings to his partner, apathetically addressing (and ultimately dismissing) her unfaithfulness and toxic ways. He desires to flee from LA and the fast-paced environment. One thing about The Weeknd is ... he's so clever in his wordplay. He references diamonds, sex, and even Keanu Reeves (lol). He does it so subtly and smooth, you don't even realize until the moment has passed.

Although one of the darkest, it is one of my favorite moments on the album.

10. Jessie Reyez - Ankles

For my final top record of the month, I tapped into the raw styles of Jessie Reyez. I've listened to her a few times in the past but I really was able to dig in with the release of her debut album, BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US. I thoroughly enjoyed her project from the beginning to end! However, one of the first standout tracks arrived quickly at "ANKLES!"

The moment the spacey production begins, Jessie goes off like a blazing racehorse. She addresses what appears to be an ex flame as she cements her worth into his head. She makes it clear that no other woman he deals with throughout his life will ever measure up to even half the woman she is... In this sense, she actually proclaims:

"Lights out, strike out, I doubt

You'll ever find anyone

These b**ches can't measure up

To my ankles!"

Instead of being bitter, she has come to peace with the fact that she's too good for this toxic relationship. She retakes her power and heals herself simultaneously.

Man, where do I begin with March? Although the world is in a current gloomy state, music is one thing that has not been taken away from us. March. showed up and showed out with all of these awesome releases. I most definitely am looking forward to the vibes that April brings!

Feel free to tap into my playlists (which I've added below) to listen to any of these songs mentioned above. Enjoy!

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