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JMW's Top 10 Songs of July 2019

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Last month brought music lovers quite a few different moments, vibes, and feels. With so many releases, the month of July really brought the heat with so many tracks that naming 10 songs really does not do it much justice. Check out the top 10 songs of July below.

1. Beyoncè - Bigger

This record means the absolute world to me. Executive producer of The Lion King's soundtrack, The Lion King: The Gift, Queen Bey did exactly what needed to be done on this song. There is a true anointing on this song as Bey literally pours into listeners, reminding us that regardless of what life tries to tell us, our lives are so significant and bigger than what even we think.

2. Wale - On Chill (feat. Jeremih)

Wale has been bodying literally every track, freestyle, etc. that he has dropped these past few months. He continued the energy with this refreshing record, the Jeremih-assisted, "On Chill." Sampling Raphael Saadiq's "Ask of You," Wale ushers in a vintage-yet totally brand new vibe. From the chorus to the lyrics, the song is truly refreshing, and makes you want to play it over and over... and over.

3. J. Cole & Young Nudy - Sunset

J.Cole and the entire Dreamville gang literally dropped one of the most solid compilation projects of the year. While I really enjoyed the entire project, one of my guilty pleasures arose with "Sunset." From the production to the tag team duo of Cole & Nudy, the record simply bumps!

Nudy's charisma added to Cole's bravado and heavy hitting bars just feels great!

4. Tiwa Savage & Mr. Eazi - Keys to the Kingdom

Another cut from The Lion King: The Gift, KEYS TO THE KINGDOM is literally one of my absolute favorite songs from this project. Infused with lovely afrobeats energy, KEYS TO THE KINGDOM is another moving track that uplifts its listeners. Tiwa Savage and Mr. Eazi executed flawlessly and delivered such a message that hit my spirit on the first listen.

The two remind us that we have the keys to the kingdom of life. Regardless our pasts and what we have endured, we can grow from it and live such a beautiful life. They remind us essentially that we are all kings and queens on this Earth.

5. Rick Ross - Gold Roses (feat. Drake)

There's really no other way to put it but... Ricky Rozay and Drake DO. NOT. MISS. While Ross' Port of Miami 2 just dropped not even a week ago, Gold Roses preceded the album's release and left us literally wanting more of Ross. Channeling that vintage luxury drug rap authenticity, the song truly delivers classic appeal. Drake provides another monumental, IG caption-filled verse with a unforgettable chorus.

The beauty I find in Rick Ross is his head honcho, biggest boss energy. On any and every track, Ross' voice demands your attention. He uses his pen to paint these vivid stories in our minds. His words literally level your thinking up and he makes you want to just get out in the world and grind!

6. Burna Boy - Gum Body (feat. Jorja Smith)

July really saw me exploring Afrobeats and truly ENJOYING IT. Burna Boy is one of the hottest artists in this genre, and his latest album "African Giant" literally brought us pure gems. "Gum Body" literally is one of the most infectious tracks. Not only do both Burna Boy and Jorja create such a soothing, serene experience, but the song makes you want just get up, go out, and dance.

Jorja's vocals literally send listener's straight to Heaven and Burna Boy provides that authentic African energy that is so beautiful to the ears and soul.

7. Bryson Tiller - Blame

After finding a new love, continuing to watch his daughter grow, and lurking in the shadows young Tiller is back! "Blame" is another gem for the emotional R&B lovers who can't help but vibe at scary hours of the night. The song tells Tiller's story of dealing with a failed relationship and now seeing his former love in the arms of another.

He recounts his decisions, his mistakes and even ponders on what could have been done differently to keep his old flame. Truthfully, I simply cannot wait for more new Tiller. It seems like his mind is clear and he's ready to deliver more timeless content.

8. Chance the Rapper - Hot Shower (feat. MadeinTYO & Da Baby)

While many have been very critical of Chance's debut album, The Big Day, I definitely found gems on the project and "Hot Shower" was most definitely one. It is something about Chance's delivery that is very... unorthodox, different, and unique that truly differentiates him from other artists out right now. His flow is very humorous yet hard.

Hot Shower definitely bumps! Teaming with MadeinTYO & Da Baby was something I never expected but I thoroughly enjoyed both of them on this feature. They executed and bodied their verses flawlessly.

9. YBN Cordae - RNP (feat. Anderson .Paak)

Over J.Cole's jolting production, YBN Cordae & Anderson get STRAIGHT to business on this anthem track, "RNP." While only 21 years young, don't let that discourage you from listening to Cordae. The pen is oh so sharp, the delivery is ahead of his years, and his young mind is actually such a breath of fresh air (and a necessity) to Hip-Hop today. The duo's chemistry on the track is literally enjoyable to view and hear.

Anderson literally never disappoints, his delivery is just so funky, and I love every moment of it. "RNP" is literally a mood, a vibe, a lifestyle all in one. And if you really don't think YBN Cordae is up next, you're missing out on true substance!

10. Maxo Kream - The Relays (feat. Travis Scott)

Maxo is a newer artist that I discovered a few months ago. I heavily enjoyed his latest album, "Brandon Banks," and the story that it tells. From the album, one of the first tracks that really caught my eye was the Travis Scott-assisted, "The Relays."

Very hypnotic, trippy, and stimulating in production, the song really hits hard! It is not the most lyrical track on the album but it is one of those songs that really cranks so heavily in the car, with the volume all the way turned up. Travis brings that eerie, haunting energy that I usually associate with him and I love him on the record.

All in all, July definitely found me exploring different sounds and I'm happy I did. I fell in love with some new tunes, discovered some artists that I really had not thought I would like, and I definitely discovered even more of myself from many of these various songs. I cannot wait to see what this month of August will bring!

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Anthony Minter
Anthony Minter
Aug 13, 2019

Several personal bangers on this list 👌🏾👌🏾🔥🔥🙌🏾

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