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JMW'S Top 10 Songs of January 2020

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

From satisfying our cravings with JB’s “Yummy” to calling out all of the birds on Moneybagg Yo's "U Played," January has already set the tone for the new year and decade with these hot new records. Here are my Top 10 tracks of January 2020!

1. Justin Bieber - Yummy

While, I'm completely here for Roddy Ricch's, "The Box," I really don't care what y'all have to say about Justin Bieber and his comeback single, "Yummy!" When I say, I love this tune, I literally love it with my entire soul. With his upcoming album, "Changes" releasing in a few weeks, "Yummy" arrives as the lead single. It is utterly mellow, catchy, and it just makes me feel great!

The record still shows that JB has the voice and influence as many choreographers have made dances and videos to track. From blasting it in the house, to blasting it in the car, "Yummy" literally just feels good playing. While the lyricism is very simple, it still makes for a great listen.

2. Mac Miller - Good News

2020 has already been very memorable as listeners were welcomed with a brand new Mac Miller album. Announced and released with the blessing and approval of his family, Miller's new album, "Circles," takes listeners through all the feels and emotions as many hear the late rapper's voice yet again. "Good News" is one of the most relatable tracks I've heard in sometime and it is truly moving.

Mac sings and raps about simply wanting to rid himself of all of the negative elements within his life, being tired of being tired, and just finding the sunshine on the other side of the mountain. The record and video gave me goosebumps as I listened to his voice again and it was a pretty emotional moment.

3. Khalid - Eleven

At this point in his career, I feel it is both important and safe to say Khalid literally provides gems! With what appears to be his second single from his upcoming third album, Khalid delivers so much and more with his latest single, "Eleven!" In a recent interview on Beats1 Radio's "New Music Daily" with Zane Lowe, Khalid shared that he loves to create music that,"you can drive to."

Eleven executes this vision flawlessly as the song makes you feel like you're going for a drive with your significant other during a warm summer night (wishful thinking, right?). Khalid sings to his lover basically about their relationship and even asks them about their feelings about him. The record is one of personal faves so far and it possesses such a vintage 90's R&B appeal.

4. Future - Life is Good (feat. Drake)

You already know when Future and Drake get together, it's monumental. With their latest hit, "Life Is Good," the two get right to business flowing about luxury living, wealth, status, and more. Future brings the bad boy side as he delivers the cocky swag rapping about / romanticizing the trap life.

Drake provides the wit, elegance, and sophistication as he reminds everyone that he still is on top of the rap game and he plans on going nowhere. The visual is just as great as the song (if not better) and makes me love the song even more.

5. Jhené Aiko - P*$$Y Fairy (OTW)

Our favorite soul-hitting, carefree favorite came back yet again with ANOTHER vibe. This time around there isn't much sadness, anger, or healing. However, there is definitely more... sex appeal. Jhené gets straight to the point (if you know what I mean, *wink, wink*) on "P*$$Y Fairy" as she sings to her lover.

She describes how she enjoys the way her partner makes her happy phsyically as well as her talents in pleasing him. Along with simply enjoying his company, how he makes her feel, and the bond the two have, she makes it clear that sex game is so great that she can even hypnotize him with her goods. Think of her as a sexy tinker bell if you will. The song is definitely smooth, sexy, and alluring.

6. Dreamville & Ari Lennox - BUSSIT

Keeping the R&B feels train moving along, we reach this lovely Neo-Soul vibe with Dreamville and the incredible, Ari Lennox. Per usual, Ari gives me exactly what I want and more. "BUSSIT" arrives on a two track release from Dreamville entitled, 1/16 - Single. Ari follows right behind Jhené providing that similar sensual vibes.

With her Erykah Badu-like essence, Ari literally just makes me want to listen to her cocoa buttered voice (is that a thing? if not, I just made it one) all day long! Her vocals are so smooth, so effortless, and so passionate. Ari is simply requesting pure, feel-good love from her partner.

7. Kaash Paige & 6LACK - Love Songs (Remix)

It is something about this 18 year-old Dallas native that has me wrapped around her finger. Her voice is so dope, distinct, and unique. The original version of "Love Songs" was already great (you need to check that out after you read this), but then to go add 6LACK was pure genius!

The two create a TRUE vibe together as 6LACK comes through with a subtle verse to ease listeners as they continue through the short track. Truly one of my favorite / unexpected releases this month!

8. H.E.R. - Sometimes

Having won several Grammys as well as other awards, it is very easy to say what can't H.E.R. accomplish. At such a early point in her career she's already done so much. At the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, the young singer showcased a new record that grew dear to my heart in just a matter of days.

"Sometimes" is literally a mood. It is a song of life. As she bellows throughout the song, sometimes sh*t really just does not go your way in life. We can have everything mapped out, planned, and set to what we believe and it can change instantly. Sometimes doors are closed, sometimes we fail, sometimes we hurt.

H.E.R. reminds us though, that regardless of these temporary things, that we must keep our faith, keep our heads up and push through because all of those sometimes can change!

9. Justin Bieber - Get Me (feat. Kehlani)

Yes, that's right, Justin made the list... again! With his second single from his upcoming album, "Get Me," JB is showing me that the vibes are oh so prevalent on this album ( I pray we get more of Journals Justin on this album). Both Justin and Kehlani sing back-and-forth to one another creating a sweet melody.

The two sing about their lovers essentially understanding them and being on the same wavelength and energy as they are. Because of the understanding the lovers are able to get them in ways that others simply do not. They can be vulnerable, transparent, and open with their significant others because of the bond and connection that only they possess with each other.

The production is very ghostly and gloomy ironically, but the track is literally unforgettable. I can't help but sing as I play it and it literally gets stuck in your head. Also, anything Kehlani puts her mouth on is pure gold so there's that.

10. Moneybagg Yo - U Played (feat. Lil Baby)

Leave it to Moneybagg Yo to serve listeners up with a Trap-heavy club anthem for the fellas, ladies, and everyone else to follow. He never fails delivering some bangers that you simply can't help but rock to when you're pregaming, driving in the car, or already partying at the function.

Tapping Lil Baby, the two call out all of the birds who try to use them for notice, keep up with them and flaunt to others about what they do for them. It is basically a record that just stunts on all the immature, clout-chasing women that tried to finesse both Baby and Moneybagg just to find out they were already on to them and their antics .

As you can see, January was a busy month providing us with so many different types of songs, vibes, and feels. While it has definitely been a very heavy and draining month, the power of music has made it much better and left a notable mark in the first month of 2020. I can't wait to see what next month brings!


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