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JMW's Top 10 Songs of August 2020

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Well, we've made it. Despite such a tumultuous year (so far), we have made it through August and boy, that is much to be thankful and grateful for. It has not been easy but we did it. Of course, another month means even more new tunes pleasing to my soul! August came through with some great records. Check out my top 10 songs of August!

1. Drake - Laugh Now, Cry Later (feat. Lil Durk)

They're literally no words to describe the love that I have for this song. From the very first play, I fell in love with everything about it. Arriving as the lead single for his upcoming album, Certified Lover Boy, Drake got another one with this track. Teaming with Lil Durk, the two create this infectious anthem that literally infiltrates your head and houses itself there. Seriously, I can't even tell you how many times I've played this. From Drake and the charismatic chorus, to Durk's short yet memorable (and fun to shout) verse, the song does no wrong for me.

2. Kaash Paige - Fake Love (feat. 42 Dugg)

I've been saying for quite some time now that Kaash Paige is for sure up next. August saw the arrival of her highly anticipated debut album Teenage Fever. One of the tracks that immediately riled my spirit up was the dope "Fake Love," featuring the captivating 42 Dugg himself. Over smooth melodic production, Kaash belts her heart out about being alert to fake love in every area of her life (even from your own family!). The harmony and the lyrics truly touched me and I found myself shouting right with Kaash.

3. Young Dolph - Benz

The month of August stayed relentless with the heat with a brand-new project from none other than Young Dolph. Released in the earlier part of the month, Dolph brought out the pure trap vibes and anthems on Rich Slave. One of my favorite songs on the project arrives with the bass-booming, stereo-rattling, "Benz." This song just makes you feel... cocky. The moment you hear Dolph chant "I just hopped up out that Benz," the notorious stink face appears. Here, Dolph maintains his usual flow of hustling, high wealth, sexual encounters, and street stature.

4. Aminé - Pressure In My Palms (feat. slowthai & Vince Staples)

In the beginning of August, Aminé delivered (in my opinion) of the best albums of the month, Limbo. Filled with cultural references, relentless bars filled with passion & high energy, and this... sinister appealing production, "Pressure In My Palms" is one of my favorite cuts from Limbo. Aminé's flow is fun yet so serious. He makes it clear these bums are not in his lane while reminding them of the pressure that he contains.

5. Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It - Bang Bang

While Chief Keef has been relatively quiet, the 25-year-old is back on the scene with this fiery new single, "Bang Bang!" Teaming with the iconic Mike WiLL Made-It, the two get straight to business with the explosive single. "Bang Bang" arrives as the lead single from the two's upcoming joint collaborative project. The visual for the track humorously takes shots at the recently freed 6ix9ine who is portrayed in the video as a rat-man who snitches on Keef and his cousin, Tadoe.

6. Victoria Monét - Touch Me

Now, Victoria Monét came through with a heavy vibe on her debut project JAGUAR. Sensual, authentic, and very groovy, the EP set the tone for the beginning of August. While essentially every song is a vibe, "Touch Me" brings a level of sexiness and sultriness that simply allured me on the first listen. Monét's voice and delivery is utterly steamy and leaves you wanting more.

7. Lil Keed - She Know (feat. Lil Baby)

While some may not be familiar to Lil Keed, there is simply an appeal and heavy level of charisma that makes me want to continuously listen to him. "She Know" is one of my absolute favorite records from his sophomore album, Trapped on Cleveland 3. Containing this hood, love-song-like appeal, both Lil Baby and Keed rap about the street life, money, sexual expertise, and women. It's catchy and contains this contagious melody that just makes you singalong both consciously and subconsciously.

8. Russ & Kehlani - Take You Back

I know what you're thinking... "How did Kehlani somehow find her way onto yet another article?!" Listen... the woman does no wrong. Released only 3 days ago, "Take You Back" is literally the collaboration I never needed from Russ and Kehlani. Russ has been having a great 2020 releasing the Deluxe edition of his Shake The Snow Globe album as well as a string of amazing singles.

With yet another track, "Take You Back" finds Kehlani and Russ creating a harmonious melody as sweet as honey. They sing about ultimately wanting that old thing back despite the various ups and downs. They both are willing to overlook each other's faults and try their love again.

9. Nas - Replace Me (feat. Don Toliver & Big Sean)

Let me just start by saying... Nas truly delivered one of the most solid albums so far this year (argue with your mother, because I shall not debate). Nasty Nas comes through on this track with such a suave, laid back demeanor. Channeling some of the younger artists, he taps Big Sean and Don Toliver on the chorus to create this utterly wavy vibe. The three make it clear that whoever their loves try to move on from them with... they will have a hard time replacing them.

Nas and Sean come together with smooth flows reminding their lovers of the ways they took care of them while also proving the point that their energy is irreplaceable.

10. Jazmine Sullivan - Lost One

I truly believe the most shocking release on this list arrives here with the legendary Jazmine Sullivan. NO ONE saw it coming but man are we oh so grateful. Having not dropped any new music since her 2015 album, Reality Check, Jazmine returned with the moving, melancholy record, "Lost One." Here, she reflects on her past relationship. While trying to cope with the reality of failed relationship, she understands it's over. Although it has run its course, the damage has been done, and there's no sign of returning, Sullivan urges her ex-flame to love anyone like he loved her.

She goes as far as begging that he doesn't have too much fun without her in his life. The level of transparency, vulnerability, and relatability in the record is felt on the very first play. Ironically while she is singing about the wrenching pain of losing love, her monumental voice lifts you up on the highest cloud in the sky, and never lets you down.

Overall, August was very solid. I heavily enjoyed majority of the releases this month. With the absolute best month of the year, (my birthday month,) September starting tomorrow, I am excite to see what tracks we are all blessed with throughout the month. Until then, continue to stay encouraged, uplifted, and safe!

Tap into my playlists below to hear any of these new records only on Apple Music.

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