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JMW's Top 10 Songs of April 2020

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Well, it's been a task but let's pat ourselves on the back. We've made it through another month. These unprecedented times are very strange, frightening, and unpredictable. However, music again continues to heal us and maintain our sanity. With that being said, April showed up and out musically. I was a little unsure, but at on point in the month, it seemed like so many vibes stormed me. Let's get into my top 10 songs of April.

1. Tory Lanez - Stupid Again

Man, where do I start? If you haven't listened to Tory's latest project, The New Toronto 3, you're clearly missing it. "Stupid Again" literally spoke to my inner core the moment I hit play. From beginning to end, Tory went off in the best way possible. I know people love the singing side of Tory (I do too), but he brought back Tory the rapper, and I'm grateful. The production matches his savage, cocky aura and he murdered the entire track. When I need that boost to finish a workout, I immediately run to this track. It fuels you and makes you want to lose it.

2. Kelly Rowland - Coffee

With outside being shut down and us not being able to go essentially anywhere, what better a time to schedule a comeback single then now? Kelly Rowland must've thought the exact same thing when she returned with her tropic single, "Coffee." Written by The Internet's own, Syd, "Coffee" tells a simple story; a woman craving that good loving from her lover. She wants it just like how many Americans crave their coffee. The video celebrates self image, liberation, and the beauty that is the BLACK woman. It is truly a breath of fresh air. To be very transparent, I play this song every. single. day. From the moment Kelly released the track, I couldn't get enough of the relaxing island vibe.

3. Kiana Ledé - Chocolate. (feat. Ari Lennox)

Continuing this theme of beautiful black chocolatey goodness, we arrive at Kiana Ledé's "Chocolate." A cut from her excellent debut album, KIKI, the song features the Shea Butter Baby herself, Ari Lennox. The two create a soothing ode to black love and passion. After dissecting her album (check out my review on her album... it's very good) this record hit my soul heavily. The song is perfect for all vibe playlists, nights in the house when you want to relax and open bottle of wine, and even for a chill solo drive alone. The quarantine-styled video mirrors this laid back energy as the two have fun dancing and singing together on a FaceTime call.

4. Kehlani - Everybody Business

Y'all already know, this is a Kehlani loving blog. Yes, I have no problem saying I'm biased when one of my favorite artists constantly delivers visually and sonically. Kehlani has been dropping hits since the year started. With her album less than 2 weeks away, my hype is at the utmost highest level for Kehlani. On the soul-warming,"Everybody Business," Lani calls out the haters, trolls, and naysayers who have ever commented anything negative (and/or false) about her or her life. She graciously humbles them letting them know, "I see what you've said / what you're still saying and you still won't break me." Per usual, she delivers her issues in a way that turns into an utter banger. I love this song.

5. Smino - Popeyes

On the stimulating, marijuana holiday of 4/20, St. Louis' own, Smino, emerged from the shadows with a brand-new mixtape entitled, She Already Decided. Giving Smino fans and Hip-Hop lovers an even closer look at the creative canvas of his mind, Smino delivered what many expected and more on the tape. However, one of my favorites from the project arose with the nostalgic "Popeyes." Sampling Project Pat's, "Chickenhead," Smino goes off on the beat only how he can. With distorted tones, unique elongated enunciation, he delivers effortlessly for a little over a minute and a half.

6. Usher, Lil Jon, & Ludacris - SexBeat

Over 15 years later and Ursher, Jon, & Luda had to do it again! During Lil Jon and T-Pain's INCREDIBLE "Versuz" battle on Instagram Live, Jon decided to reach into his bag and preview his monumental collaboration with both Usher and Luda. Immediately, social media went into an uproar demanding the song be released. Seeing this overwhelming response of love, Usher answered the call and released it the next week. "SexBeat" takes me back to the days of Lovers and Friends but switches the tempo up. It's sensual, it's faster-paced, and its Usher, Jon, and Ludacris doing what they do best - making hits!

7. dvsn - 'Flawless' Do It Well Pt. 3 (feat. Summer Walker)

The month of April gave us the release of the shadowy OVO Sound duo, dvsn's third album, A Muse In Her Feelings. While the entire album is lovely, one of my absolute favorite gems from the project is the Summer Walker-assisted, 'Flawless' Do It Well Pt. 3. The song is sultry, sensual, and mid-tempo. dvsn's singer, Daniel Daley and Summer Walker's souls mesh beautifully together as they harmonize and create an intoxicating melody.

8. Wiz Khalifa - Out Of Space (feat. Quavo)

Coming as another one of those, 4/20 surprises, Wiz Khalifa blessed fans with a 7-song EP. Each of the songs contain vibes, but the top one for me was the spacey "Out Of Space!" When I say Wiz ate the track from beginning to end, please trust my words. Wiz came out the gate blazing like the strongest racehorse in the pack. Rapping about his everyday life, Wiz stunts on his opposition with ease. Adding Quavo, the two deliver the expected bravado through quick-tongued luxury raps. The song undoubtedly slaps from start to finish.

9. Alina Baraz - Endlessly

Alina Baraz has quenching my thirst since her 2015 project, Urban Flora. Her harmonic, heavenly voice puts me at utter peace like no other. Released last Friday (Apr. 24), Alina brings the feels and much more with her debut album, It Was Divine. From this beautiful body of work, one of my immediate loves is "Endlessly." Imagine floating on a cloud with your lover, doves above your head, a gentle breeze across your face, and you both are in utter paradise. Her voice does that to you. She stresses the emphasis of this overflowing, endless love between her and her lover. It's all she needs and desires.

10. Chaz French - Me (feat. Cam Wallace)

Now, this gem came out of nowhere! I did not expect to love this as much I do! Interpolating Trick Daddy's, "I'm A Thug" into this new upbeat vibe, the DMV's own, Chaz French, makes it known that his focus these days is him and only him. This record is different and I love it! Chaz's swift, sharp-tongued bars can go right over your head if you don't pay attention. Cam Wallace provides the nostalgic charm and the two come together to make a banger! The more I play this one, the more I love it!

April had me a little worried in the beginning. For the first time, I just was not really enjoying what I was hearing. As the days went on, a plethora of vibes and tunes smacked me in the face (and I'm very grateful for it). In the end, April came through and impressed me dramatically. It may even be my favorite month of releases yet. I know the state of the world is alarming, scary, and uneasy, but music is something that has the power to heal. It has been keeping me sane and I'm thankful for it. I'm already excited for May. Per usual, I've attached my playlists below where I place all of the music I review, for you to enjoy.

Until next month stay healthy and safe guys; continue to check on your friends and family; continue to stay positive; and most importantly stay inside. We will get through this stronger than ever, together!

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