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JMW's Top 10 Songs of February 2021

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

(Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash)

It's truly insane how fast the year is already flying. Personally, this month of February may have proven to be both the best & the worst yet in some areas. February saw both my family and I unexpectedly losing my older cousin a little over a week ago. I found myself being unable to focus on my writing or music but just still and numb. Even now, it's pretty difficult to stay focused and type this. I know my cousin would be upset with me thought if I didn't keep my focus. Despite my tragic loss, February did provide me with many notable, musical gems that helped me get through this month. Take a look at my top 10 tracks of February, right now.

1. Moneybagg Yo - Time Today

If there's anything I'm going to do, it's bump some Moneybagg. On his top single from his upcoming project, Moneybagg gets down to the nitty gritty letting the women, the haters, and everything in between know that he indeed has time for them all today. Released at the top of the month, Moneybagg stunts both his wealth and his code of life on the larger-than-life "Time Today." The accompanying visual brings the exact charisma felt in the song.

From the moment the song starts to the final words, I knew it was for me on the first listen. I definitely can't wait for this new project that Bagg will be unloading soon.

2. Lucky Daye - On Read (feat. Tiana Major9)

Valentine's Day weekend saw the return of Lucky Daye with his brand new EP, "Table For Two." From the conceptual, concise project, an immediate cut that grabbed my attention was the incredible "On Read." Recruiting none other than Tiana Major9 the two bring the heat, feels, and sensations with their back-and-forth delivery. The song tells a story that everyone is familiar with - being left on read (or leaving someone on read), the resulting emotions, as well as the burning frustration that comes with it.

3. Lil Durk - Love You Too (feat. Kehlani)

If you have not heard this lovely combination of Durk and Kehlani, I advise you to do so... now! Following the Deluxe release of his "The Voice" album, Durk quickly followed up with this harmonic trap melody. Both Lani and Durkio come together uttering their sheer love and passion for one another. Despite their trials and tribulations, the love between the two for their respective lovers overpowers any of the issues. Their spirits ooze with pure bliss for their partners. It's literally a personal favorite of mine on this list.

4. Young Rog & Summer Walker - B******t

To be completely frank, I've never heard of "Young Rog" a day in my life, but this record here is alluring. From the eerie vocals, and the smoothness in delivery, I was hooked immediately. Also, 99% of the time, if Summer Walker is featured on a record, I'm tapping in. The lyricism is rather repetitive, but it just so soothing to me (despite the two ironically singing about being used to and fed up with the bullsh*t). Summer's hypnotic vocals swirl on the beat leaving listeners fulfilled and stimulated.

5. Lil Tjay & 6LACK - Calling My Phone

While I'm not remotely and avid Lil Tjay listener, he definitely received my attention after dropping this new "Calling My Phone" record. Tapping in with one of my personal favorite newer artists, 6LACK, the two created a true moment this month. Somber and vulnerable, the two put their feelings on the wax and really deliver this moving yet contagious song. While not being able to get their past lovers out of their mind, they are at the point of no return. They desire to be left alone and unbothered. Smooth and mellow the two make it clear that they will not engage in this game with their former partners any longer. The melancholic record literally hits my core from beginning to end. And of course, 6LACK does no wrong ever (in my opinion).

6. Victoria Monét - F.U.C.K.

After releasing her debut project Jaguar, a spicy remix with Kehlani, and also announcing her pregnancy, the incredible and insanely talented, Victoria Monét continues to add more fuel to the growing flame with this slow burning, passion-filled "F.U.C.K." The artistry is remarkable. How Victoria continues to create these songs that leave you wanting more of her? I can't even explain it. Her voice, sexuality, and execution are the perfect ingredients for excellence. The steamy song as well as the visual are both equally expressive, vibrant, and artistically pleasing.

7. Pangeaux - Pressure

If you've never heard the name "Pangeaux" it's truly ok. Why? Because you'll hear it soon enough. After hearing the rather dark yet suave "Pressure," I knew I needed more from this young Kentucky artist. With his first single of the year, he takes the pressures that lie within his mind, highlights them, and expresses the need for growth and renewal.

He knows there are various facets within his life that must be worked on and improved in order to tap into the very best version of himself. His voice reminiscent of Bryson Tiller (in some ways), glides over this gloomy beat as he reflects and looks inside of himself. Pangeaux is definitely up next... you heard it here.

8. Brent Faiyaz & DJ Dahi - Gravity (feat. Tyler The Creator)

When it comes to Brent Faiyaz, I'm always captivated by his vocals but as well as his unconventional execution. It's the way he sings his songs that literally sets him apart from others today. He tells stories through his words. On "Gravity," both Brent and Tyler reflect on their partners who ride with and for them through whatever it is despite Brent and Tyler constantly being away all the time. Their partner's love holds them down on Earth and keeps them rooted much like the very gravity that keeps us planted on the ground.

9. Pink Sweat$ - PINK MONEY

Groovy, suave, and glossy, "PINK MONEY" arrives on Pink Sweat$' debut album Pink Planet. It feels like a celebration of life if you will. His funk appeal is high as he takes time to appreciate his struggle for it is what has brought him to where he is now. While not dwelling on the past, he looks back to remind himself of what he's accomplished and where he comes from. Honestly, the song just feels good. It is one of those records that you have to play once you solidify something super significant within your life. It's filled with cheer and joy.

10. Lucky Daye - How Much Can A Heart Take (feat. Yebba)

Yes, I know what you're thinking... "Wow, Lucky Daye made it on the list twice!" Indeed, he did. When I say his latest EP is incredible... I mean it. I play the entire project every day. I love every song (I just cannot choose every song unfortunately haha). On "How Much Can A Heart Take" Both Lucky and the amazing Yebba ask their lovers this question. They ponder on if the other truly loves and respects them the way they desire. Yebba sets the tone trying to get to the bottom of the ever-changing feelings of her partner.

On the contrary, Lucky, having invested his money, time, and love into this relationship desires to be loved and appreciated as well. However, it seems that they are in a conflict with each other as they navigate through the cycles of falling in and out of love.

As previously stated, February was truly tough for me. Even writing this it was indeed difficult to sit and stay focused without thinking about my cousin, my family, and even my own state of mind... But, I know he would want me to keep going, keep chasing my dreams, and stay tunnel vision on my goals. With that being said, this month of February brought me some of my favorite tracks. As we move to March, I look forward to seeing what music we will be gifted.

On a more personal note, take the time during this pandemic to really show love to your friends, family, and loved ones. Take the time to check in. Whether just a call, a text, video chat, etc. just stay connected in love. We all are here for a limited amount of time. So, just take the time to stay rooted in love. Move with intention. Stay safe, everyone.

You can check out my top 10 of February below!

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