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Jhené Aiko Enlists Big Sean for "None of Your Concern" Single & Video

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

In the latest installment of the "It's complicated" series, our soul-hitting, emotional favorite is back with year another moving single, "None of Your Concern." Released on Friday (Nov. 15), "None of Your Concern" finds Jhené initially lamenting over her failed public relationship with Detroit's finest, Big Sean.

Produced by the Fisticuffs, the ironically somber-yet-soothing track begins with Jhené initially reflecting over this past love, and making note of the various changes that simply caused the two to drift away from each other. She taps the great Ty Dolla $ign for background vocals that simply enhance the song's delivery and the message that Jhené is sharing.

"I've been contemplatin', meditatin' Should've waited, should've never dated You seem irritated, baby, why you never say it? Isn't this worth saving? I can feel you fading off We’re not gonna make it long."

She questions herself and (probably Big Sean too) asking is any of this even worth the pain, the humility, and stress that she is enduring. She wonders if her feelings are even being heard at this point, but comes to the conclusion that they aren't as this responsibility is no longer and of Sean's concern.

As listeners continue traveling through Jhené's mind, sonically and visually, we see Jhené is no longer sad, but now beginning the next phase of moving on. Through this stage, she has to endure seeing Sean begin new relationships / encounters and she even expresses her disappointment in him because she feels that nothing or no one can get any better than her.

The story continues now focusing on Jhené's progression as she is now moving forward with her life, engaging with new people, but now being questioned by Sean. She makes it crystal clear that she is no longer his girl, and he basically has no right to question who's she's engaging with, loving, or anything under the sun. She reminds him that he caused this trauma and pain by bringing her out there and leaving her.

"I was traumatized and suicidal, I'm sick and tired, I am not to blame Once I felt a way but not today, I'm not afraid, now I can say Get your bi*ch a** off of my phone, please leave me alone I am not your girl anymore, you need to watch your tone Don't worry about who it is I'm f**kin' or who I am lovin', just know that it is not you."

By the end of Jhené's verses, she is confident, she is no longer hurting, and she's healing herself through the lyrics. She even wishes Big Sean good luck before ending the verse.

If you thought the song was over, you must continue listening because it heats up even the more. Mr. Sean Don himself blazes through with a somewhat X-rated verse out of thin air. Providing his point of view of the relationship, he also reflects on the flaws of the partnership. He addresses Jhené, telling her she already knew what it was when they got together as it pertains to his issues and faults. Even in the pain of not being together, he still manages to show care for her as he raps about wanting nothing but the best for her.

"You know I had these issues when you met me (Ooh yeah) Results of those past damages that I haven’t dealt with And I only want the best for you, movin' forward but you backtracking with n*ggas that ain't sh*t for you don't belong around your aura."

The song truly gets spicy as Sean begins reflecting on his physical encounters with Jhené even mentioning making her climax 9 times in a day. He expresses his need for Jhené. Big Sean leaves nothing to the imagination as he gets gritty and heavily descriptive in both he and Jhené's bedroom acts. He thinks about their times together, the sex, the love, and his heart towards her, but remembers that at this point, their loss is no longer any of her concern (or so they say).

The song is truly a beautiful storm. Truly, it can be actually be seen as confusing as these two continue to collaborate and publicly discuss their relationship. It makes me and many other listeners wonder, "So, are y'all going to get back together or not? What are you doing?" This collaboration is a follow up to Sean's "Single Again," released over the summer.

Does this mean we shall see more of the two in 2020. Will Twenty88 Part 2 actually come to fruition? So many questions, but time shall tell. Until then, you can stream "None of Your Concern," featuring Big Sean on all streaming services.

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Anthony Minter
Anthony Minter
Nov 18, 2019

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