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Jazmine Sullivan Pours Out Heart on New Single "Lost One"

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

It's been over 5 years since the force that is known as Jazmine Sullivan has blessed the world with her angelic voice. However, the wait is finally over... Released Friday (Aug. 28) as a surprise release, Jazmine has returned with her somber new single, "Lost One." More vulnerable than ever, Jazmine empties out her emotions, feelings, and thoughts while addressing an ex flame. She reflects on moving on and the various coping mechanisms used to help alleviate the wound of heartbreak.

"You know when you lost one

A good one, you know when you lost one

You go out and f*ck different people to cope and ignore all precautions

You drink and you drink and get faded, you feel like that's your only options."

Over subtle-yet-mournful production Jazmine charges her former lover to never forget about her. Before she allows this person to free themselves of their former love, she urges him to not "have too much fun" without her. Despite their love ending in failure, she can't fathom her ex-lover loving someone that is not her. Jazmine knows she's asking for much and even calls herself a "selfish bitch" (even though she's working on herself). She notes the role she's played in the tragic downfall to their love. However, her heart can't neglect these unshakeable feelings.

Her voice is warming, hearty, and oh so passionate. As listeners play the song, they feel the weight that is on Jazmine's soul. Her transparency explodes all throughout the track. Her vocals are so serene and touched by God's hands himself. With her incredible craft, she paints a vivid picture for listeners of all ages to grasp & feel. As an artist, a goal of yours is for your listeners or viewers to understand and feel what you're delivering. Jazmine passes the test without any error. From beginning to end, as listeners hear her belt our each note, they almost experience what she's feeling in that very moment.

"Lost One" follows her 2015 Grammy-nominated album, Reality Check. As shared previously, the single comes to the entire world as a surprise (but boy, are we all so thankful and grateful for it). Having been away from the music scene for several years, a beautiful spectacle in this new single is the influence and relatability that Jazmine STILL possesses. Her pen, voice, and delivery are synonymous to the very feelings you experience when you eat your favorite meal (you know... your go to meal that literally hits any & every time you eat it.) She does no wrong on this record. If this is the appetizer for what's to come, please bring on the full course meal, Jazmine (seriously).

Listeners can stream Jazmine Sullivan's newest single, "Lost One" below on Apple Music or listen above on YouTube.

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