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Jazmine Sullivan Delivers New Soulful "Pick Up Your Feelings" Single

Jasmine Sullivan is back and even better than when she left us! Following August’s melancholic “Lost Ones,” single, Jazmine looks ahead on her new soulful record, “Pick Up Your Feelings.” Released Friday (Nov. 20), Instead of being sad, “Pick Up Your Feelings” finds Jazmine picking herself up while requesting that her insincere, old flame literally picks up his feelings on the way out of her life.

She sings about flipping the script on her ex-partner. Instead of dwelling on his unfaithfulness, she bosses up. She’s ready to start over - with a new whip, new phone, and a new life. Her focus is no longer on the past pain and damage done by her ex. She informs him that he can keep the memories. She even looks for a “f*ck to give,” but unfortunately, she can’t find one. She's fully aware of her worth and what she deserves. Therefore, if she receives anything less than that, she cannot settle.

Her vocals are hearty, controlled, and unreal over this passionate, pleasing jazzy production. While “Lost Ones” saw Jazmine sulking on her wrongdoings that caused the relationship to go sour, “Pick Up Your Feelings” shines new strength on her. She’s not sad or sorrowful. Instead she’s over it. Essentially, she’s telling this old love, “pack your sh*t and exit my life, respectfully... or disrespectfully.”

"Oh, I'm tryna find a f*ck to give for you

You ran out of chances of forgivin', yeah

Yeah, listen, I ain't listenin', just for you to go and break my heart

I learned my lesson (Last time)

Woah, and I ain't comin' (Back now)."

With each treat Jazmine gives listeners, it leaves them (and myself) wanting more like begging puppies. With only one month left in the year, the wait is finally reaching its end! The Philadelphia native recently shared that a full-length project is set to surface this winter via RCA Records! The album will follow after 2015's Reality Show. Jazmine's voice is still strong if not stronger than ever, the talent never went away, and the artistry remains untouched. The acoustic visual further displays the powerhouse that is Jazmine Sullivan. With each note she delivers, the passion drips from her entire being. Her vocals sweep listeners off their feet while her lyricism sends powerful, relatable messages to viewers / listeners of all ages.

Stream Jazmine Sullivan’s “Pick Up Your Feelings” below via Apple Music or watch the acoustic video above on YouTube!

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