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Ice Spice: "Like..?" - Review

It's been two weeks since the orange-haired, Bronx-bred Princess of Drill released her debut EP, "Like..?," and it's safe to say Ice Spice isn't going anywhere. On Like..?, the bodacious, sharpshooting, crotch-grabbing sensation packs a swift yet powerful punch in nearly 15 minutes; Released Friday (Jan. 20), the EP holds only six songs (3 of which the majority of the world has undoubtedly heard). However, those six songs give Spice enough time to not only make her presence known but also put everyone on notice that she is a formidable force to be reckoned with.

The EP opens with Spice's third single, the contagious Jersey-appealing, "In Ha Mood." Initially teased on TikTok, "In Ha Mood" was released firstly on SoundCloud before Spice released it as an official single. Upbeat and catchy, Ice Spice sets the tone for the rest of the project as she talks her talk and floats over the beat with ease. The slick talker makes it clear to the fellas that she's only there for a good time and not a long time. Like many 23-year-old women, her only focus - making her bands, and enjoying her youth. Her bars are fiery, slick, and quick as she glides through the two-minute record.

Again while many of us have heard half of the EP's lead singles, Spice gives listeners some new content with her standout track, "Princess Diana." Here, Spice takes it up several notches. Noticeably one of the best tracks (if not the best) on the EP, "Princess Diana," allows Spice to get her rocks off taking shots at her haters as well as the many men who crave her. Her tenacity and bars intensify firing off like a rapid machine gun. Assured of herself, she takes that confidence and empowers herself with every line. As the beat progresses, so does Spice. Filled with smooth-spoken, sharp-tongued Instagram captions, her verses show that she possesses a quality that separates her from the rest.

Similar to a freight train, Like..? moves... incredibly fast. Keeping her foot on the gas, Spice takes listeners slightly back with the nostalgic yet innovative "Gangsta Boo." Teaming with Lil Tjay, the record is the only collaboration on the concise project. Sampling Diddy's "I Need A Girl Girl (Pt.2)," "Gangsta Boo" flips the legendary track and reinvents it into this fast-paced Drill record. While still maintaining her raw demeanor, she softens up by telling her love interest the type of person she's seeking, and how they make her feel. Despite her feelings, she remains composed and upholds her boss mentality. Lil Tjay compliments the record following Spice's lead taking the role of the very "Gangsta Boo" she raps about and the two create a moment on the EP. The EP's last new song, "Act A Smoothie," keeps the fast-paced motion but finds Spice speaking directly at someone who has done her wrong. Instead of laying around and crying she "has her way" with life and continues to level up through the issues. She unapologetically moves on to the next and flexes on anyone who gets in her way.

Like..? ends with two of the project's biggest singles, Spice's second single, the Spongebob-themed "Bikini Bottom," and her lead viral Tik-Tok hit, "Munch (Feelin' U)." Spice ends the EP with familiarity as she leaves her listeners wanting more. Having grabbed the attention of artists such as Cardi B, Drake, and more, whether you like her or not, you both see and hear Ice Spice everywhere. From her trademark crotch-grab twerk to her actual clean bars, Ice Spice proves that this is her time and she can indeed make a hit whenever she pleases. The only issue with Like..? is... it's just entirely too short. The project doesn't even run for half an hour. It moves expeditiously and feels like a kid's meal rather than the main course. Think about a roller coaster at an amusement park that has the biggest drop, but after the drop, that's it. That's what Ice Spice does with this EP.

She has already announced that her debut album will be released later this. So because of that, I won't be too annoyed with the extreme shortness of the project. Many have questioned the legitimacy of the Bronx native's skill wondering if she could actually flow (I being one of them). When she released "Munch (Feelin' U)," it absolutely skyrocketed on social media; especially Tik Tok. While fun, playful, and catchy, many didn't deem her as an actual artist. Personally, I couldn't take the track. However, since "Munch," Ice Spice has taken off in such a way that you can no longer deny her craft. With each release, she grows stronger (she even caught my attention and made me listen). Her hooks and verses alike contain this IT factor that she owns flawlessly. She reminds you of the cool girl in high school that stayed out of drama/trouble, got along with everyone, and was known by most. Regardless of how anyone feels about her, Ice Spice is indeed here to stay.

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