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Destin Conrad's "SATIN" is a Reminder that R&B Is In Good Hands

Nearly 3 months since the rising singer-songwriter, Destin Conrad released his second EP, 2022's Satin and to be frank, it's still very much in rotation. Released on Friday (Nov. 11), Satin allows Destin Conrad to mature mentally and emotionally. Unlike its predecessor, Conrad's debut EP, Colorway, Satin strips away the vibrancy and light of the previous project while peeling back the various gritty layers that define him. Through each of the nine songs, he vulnerably expresses himself through themes of fantasy, sensuality, transparency, and sexuality.

"On 10," Satin's moody, dance-worthy opener, finds Destin internally reliving moments with his lover on a loop. Entrancing and enticing, his sultry vocal display swirls through listeners' minds as he sings about being carefree and wild with the person whom he intensely desires. Unbothered by judgment from anyone, he wants to experience his lover at the highest intensity possible. Satin holds only 3 key features.

The first arrives at the dreamy, "Day Party." Teaming with his best friend and frequent collaborator, Ambré, the two do what they do best - make timeless hits and turn up. With glossy vocals and hypnotic production, the duo create a irresistible moment that not only leaves you wanting more but also makes you long for warm summer days and well... day parties. The party continues with SATIN's lead single, "Unpredictable," which calls on the incredible talent that is Kiana Ledé. The two go back and forth over desiring a love that they both know to be toxic but they can't help it. Singing to their respective interests, the two thrive in the unknown of it all. They miss and crave the intimacy, physicality, and thrill of their lovers. On "Satin," named after the EP, Conrad recruits another friend, the rising artist, Jean Deaux. The two bring forth refreshing yet nostalgic 2000s R&B energy on the track.

Destin makes sure to keep the family affair going on Satin. The confident and direct "Down Bad," was co-written by his friend-turned-family, Kehlani. Taking a clear headshot at a love turned sour, Destin holds nothing back making it clear that the one taking the L is definitely not him. Ambré returns with her remarkable voice on her self-titled "Ambré's Interlude." She sets the tone for the melodious, "It's Yours." "It's Yours" is the epitome of what R&B today should both sound and feel like. Angelic and heartfelt, Destin romantically bellows to his person that whatever they want, he's willing to provide.

As the project nears its end, Destin slows the tempo with the shadowy sneaky-link anthem, "Nobody Knows." His airy vocal display is reminiscent of the days of Quiet Storm radio. Smooth and suave, he again gives another example of exceptional R&B. Satin's closer, "Day Dream," feels unreal. Imagine lying on the softest cloud ever as warm winds greet your face and body, leaving you safe and at ease. That's what "Day Dream" feels like. Almost hopelessly in love, Destin sings about a former lover appearing in his dream and the very memories/emotions that the dream brings out of him. "Day Dream" softly ends the project perfectly.

Satin is a true testament to emotional and mental growth. The EP gives Destin Conrad the space and ability to freely be who he wants to be. He revels in his queerness and takes ownership of it. The project simply does not disappoint (besides the fact that it ends so quickly). Destin truly understands R&B. From the songwriting to the actual execution and musicality, the talent is clearly there. He hasn't missed yet and only shows signs of growing stronger with each release. The EP is a true testament that R&B is alive, well, and within very capable hands.

The 22-year-old has been very busy experiencing life and touring the world with Kehlani on her Blue Water Road Trip Tour. Having finished the North American leg of the tour a few months ago, both Destin and Kehlani are currently overseas finishing the rest of the world tour. While there have not been any announcements of a debut album, hopefully, 2023 will be the year Destin unleashes the (highly) anticipated project.

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