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Brent Faiyaz Unites with Drake for New "Wasting Time" Single

What BETTER way to start the month of July than with new music? However, what GREATER way to start the month of July than with new music from both Brent Faiyaz AND the certified lover boy himself, Drake?

That's right! The two have officially teamed up for their very first collaboration entitled, "Wasting Time." Released Thursday (Jul. 1) at midnight, the suave-stepping single finds both Brent and Drizzy reflecting on current / past encounters and "situationships" with various lovers. Over stellar production from The Neptunes, the two glide with ease as they make it clear that while both them and their respective partners are busy tending to everyday life, they can still continue to exist in each other's worlds. In better words, while we are all playing with time, why not waste it together?

Over these heavy, stimulating synths, Brent's smooth voice guides listeners through the first half of the song as he sings "If you're gonna waste your time /Then waste your time with me /You can have all the space /More than you need." He acknowledges the pressure that his lady is. He knows that everyone has her on their radar, but he maintains his confident demeanor as he makes it clear that none of those people are him.

Meanwhile, Drake, who has been extraordinarily rapping this year, continues to keep his foot on the gas giving bar after bar. Honest, transparent, and direct, he airs out every irritation he has in about 2-and-a-half minutes. His pen is always phenomenal when he gets into the relationship bag. On the track he takes up a new name calling himself the pessimist gold medalist. His attitude is very much that of a flex while still somewhat frustrated and fed up with these old flames. He brings out the "Trust Issues" Drake as he raps about having to flush down gold magnums in order to keep his "specimens" protected.

The song is toxic... and I love everything about it. I love when Drake raps like this. I love when he flexes his wealth and stature just to remind everyone that he is exactly who he says he is. And to add that with Brent's emo rockstar R&B appeal simply makes for an dope listen. The two both contain a level of cockiness and boldness that translates on the song well. It's so catchy and the production as well as the lyricism from both artists is enjoyable.

For Brent, "Wasting Time" arrives after his recently released singles "Show U Off," and "Gravity" with Tyler, the Creator. The song also follows after his highly acclaimed album F**k The World, which dropped last year. Hopefully, a new album or project will soon follow.

Now as for Mr. lover boy... the single arrives after March's Scary Hours 2 and string of dope features much like this one. Drake who has also been busy with handing out features like candy continues to keep listeners waiting for this highly anticipated album, Certified Lover Boy. After teasing that the album would drop in January, last year, the 34-year-old has now suggested the album will surface towards the end of the summer.

Until they decide to bless us with these bodies of work, listeners can stream Brent Faiyaz' "Wasting Time," featuring Drake below via Apple Music, above via YouTube or on other streaming services.

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