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Brandy Recruits Chance the Rapper for Vibrant "Baby Mama" Video

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

After making her return with her motherhood anthem, "Baby Mama," on Friday (May. 1), the phenomenal Brandy has released the colorful visual for the warming, Hit-Boy-produced melody. Released Monday (May 4), Brandy brings the colors, melanin, and flavor in her new visual. As Mother's Day approaches, "Baby Mama" uplifts mothers all around the world and showcases Brandy gushing about being a mother to her 17-year-old daughter, Sy'rai. Directed by Derek Blanks (with creative direction from Frank Gatson), the video takes place inside what appears to be an abandoned warehouse. With her tambourine in hand and her girls by her side, Brandy brings the charm and utter heartwarming joy in her sweet ode to motherhood.

Brandy delvers this appeal on screen that is just so great to see. From her dazzling outfits to her high-energy, charismatic choreography, there just appears to be this sense of joy and happiness in her delivery (and I love every moment of it). The moment the horns blaze, viewers hear and see that she is at a place where she really is just at peace and having fun with making music. She literally glows in every part of the video. I also appreciate how Brandy makes sure to celebrate and acknowledge the black woman and blackness as a whole. Throughout the upbeat video, fans and watchers are greeted with various types of black women (and men). They each have distinct hairstyles, flavors, and appeals and I love how she includes it all to celebrate simply being black.

The video does the song justice (and even more) as Brandy gleefully bellows lyrics showing how much she appreciates the overall topic of motherhood.

"Baby mama, baby mama, oh, oh

Whole world looking at me, single mama

This song ain't just for me, it's for every mama, yeah

Every day I breathe, it's for my little mama

I'm every women and a baby mama."

Chance the Rapper delivers a dope, quick-tongued verse calling out the men who act as if they are the irreplaceable. He shouts out all of the baby mama's worldwide, empowers them, and reminds these gentlemen that these women can (and will) continue to provide for their babies and their roles may not even be required (in some instances).

"I know it's hard when your baby mama don't want you

Especially if she don't need you (Ah)

Especially if she used to feed you (Ooh)

Especially if she used to keep you

Especially if you used to cheat too

Wait come and think of it -

She didn't never really need you."

It's been some time since we've heard from the iconic Brandy, but it's definitely safe to say she's back and ready to give us more. In an interview with Laura Coates from SirusXM, Brandy shared the importance of the song saying, "It’s celebrating mothers out there who are out there doing their best for their children and striving in their independence, in their strength, in their power. I just wanted to come out with a powerful message like that."

While it's been nearly 8 years since Brandy's last full-length project, Two Eleven, it looks like the legendary crooner is gearing up to release her next project! The singer revealed to Rolling Stone, that the album is indeed done and that although "Baby Mama" is a part of her new sound, the album is not limited to that appeal. She shared that each track on the upcoming seventh album, "has “its own sound to it” with an overall “edgy, R&B vibe to it.”

You can stream Brandy's "Baby Mama," below or watch the video above.

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