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Ariana Grande -'Imagine'

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Following the success of her utterly contagious break-up anthem (and first No.1 hit single on Billboard's Hot 100), "thank u, next," Ariana is back with yet another larger-than-life single, imagine. Released Friday (Dec. 14), "imagine" arrives as the newest single from Ari's highly anticipated fifth album, "Imagine."

In an ongoing sea of thoughts on "what-ifs," "if-nots," and "maybe so's," Ari thrives on "imagine." Unlike most of her upbeat, fast-paced tracks, "imagine" is stripped down to simplistic R&B production placing more emphasis on the lyricism as well as Ariana's heavenly vocals. “Imagine" finds Ariana longing for or dreaming of this world of perfection between her and her lover where they can just be together and embrace each other forever and ever.

Ariana delivers such remarkable vocal display that it literally shocked me as I played (and continue to play) the song. Mirroring the same notes listeners usually associate with the legendary Mariah Carey, Ariana hits some of the highest notes that I have ever heard from her before. This romantic, lovestruck song showcases Ari holding literally nothing back as she passionately sings from the very core of her heart. You feel every lyric, every note, and more as the song plays through.

Image source: Ariana Grande's Twitter

"Imagine a world like that/ Imagine a world like that / We go like up till I'm 'sleep on your chest / Love how my face fits so good in your neck / Why can't you imagine a world like that? Imagine a world."

The lyrics are very simple and easy to follow but what will immediately pull listeners in is that powerhouse of a voice Grande contains. She commands the song from beginning to end! In some moments her voice is gentle, fragile, and soft. However, as the track progresses Ari brings the soul! Prior to the release of the record, Ari teased it on her instagram story, giving insight on what to expect when playing the song and her upcoming album.

"A lot of this album mourns failed yet important beautiful relationships in my life (as well as celebrates growth / exploring new independence). But, for those of you asking about imagine: I would say if 'thank u, next' = acceptance... 'imagine' = denial. hope that make sense."
Image source: Ariana Grande's Instagram Story

Now, while there isn't a concrete, definite sign of proof, "imagine's" focus seems to be the singer's ex, Grammy-nominated rapper, the late Mac Miller. From lyrics such as, "Knew you were perfect after the first kiss" to speculation about Mac's "imagine" tattoo, fans immediately began to assume the record was about Miller and I don't blame can only assume.

Regardless of if the song is about Mac or not, it is one of the most beautiful records of the year (and it literally just came out). Ariana never misses though so it really is not surprising. "Imagine" really strips her down to her voice and creates such a beautiful body of work that leave pure excitement for her next project.

2018 has undoubtedly been one of the most turbulent years for Grande. From breaking up with Mac Miller earlier in the year and being attacked on social media, to her newly failed relationship with Pete Davidson, the tragic, unexpected death of Miller, and again being belittled, mocked, and disrespected on social media, Ari has really gone through the ringer mentally. The fact that she can still remain so positive let alone, continue to create meaningful content such as "imagine" and "thank u, next" is a true testament to her strength and bravery.

Through all of the negativity, Ariana continues to use her music to shine and heal through it all. Her sound continues to evolve and mature and the songs are really great! She is one of the few artists who consistently effortlessly executes. I am most definitely praying for a utterly beautiful 2019 for you Ariana! Stay strong and please keep creating amazing art!

Stream "imagine" below on Apple Music!

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