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Ariana Grande Gets in the Lab for "34+35" Visual.

With her sixth studio album Positions sitting for the second week at No.1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, the sensational Ariana Grande is back with her second visual from the steamy album. Switching positions from the President of the United States, Ari becomes Dr. Frankenstein (just in tall white platform boots) in her sci-fi visual for the NSFW "34+35." Released Tuesday (Nov. 17), instead of creating a monster, Dr. Grande decides to create a "sex-bot" of... herself.

Directed by Director X, the video showcases the creative side of Ariana as she dances on an elevated platform covered in polka dot lighting effects. The video takes viewers through Dr. Grande's trial and error as she relentlessly works on bringing this "fembot" to life. From the hairstyles, dance numbers, and more, the video brings to life this... futuristic-meets-1960's appeal.

By the end of the visual, Ariana's creation not only comes to life but fully animates Dr. Grande and her crew. Ariana ends the video humorously reassuring us that she "never was good" with math. Overall the video maintains a truly sexy yet classy aesthetic. While singing essentially about a sexual position the entire time, the 27-year-old manages to make it enjoyable, tasteful, and still cinematic.

Ariana continues to do exactly what she desires musically and visually without missing a beat.

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