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Ambré Delivers Sensual Two Pack project, "alone / the catch up"

What better a way to end this turbulent year than with passionate, erotic vibes. On her newest release, Ambré delivers this and much more. Released on Thursday (Dec. 10), Ambré returns with her utterly sensual double single project, featuring the two singles, "alone" and "the catch up."

The steamy two pack begins with the arousing "alone." Produced by A. Archer & VRon, the tune immediately puts you in a sensual mood. Featuring additional vocals from friend, and frequent collaborator, Destin Conrad, "alone" sets a dreamy tone and places listeners immediately within their feels. With a low passionate voice, Ambré swoons listeners as she sings about getting her lover alone. She warns her mystery woman about doubling back to her because essentially they know what goes down when the two of them are alone.

Her vocals are glossy, controlled, and flawless. She sings about having her way with her partner and the thrill of it all. Confident in her ability, she makes it clear that no one compares to her when it comes to the art of love.

"It's like we read each other's minds (Mind)

And it happens every time

I get you alone (Alone, alone, alone)

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Still on, even when sh*t rocky

You fuckin' with a bi**h that's not me

I put you in the hills and the mountains."

Her voice cradles listeners and ushers in this presence of peace and serenity even while singing about sexuality and feels. Ambré's vocal dexterity is simple unmatched and she floats over the sultry beat with ease.

The bedroom jams simply continue with the second single, "the catch up." Here, Ambré and Destin Conrad's lyricism both match the song's title. She sings about trying to literally catch up to her lover. They are always playing tag but somehow, they manage to always miss each other and she longs for the physical connection.

On the melodic chorus, she simply asks if the two can get a room, catch up, and depart in the morning. Here, the 24-year-old yearns for the one-on-one contact. She desires that face time connection (ha), and when the moment presents itself, she is ready to capitalize on it. Despite past encounters and previous interactions, Ambré makes it crystal clear that she is not phased nor frightened by that and, whatever she wants, will always be hers.

""I know the past is the past

And I know whatever's good never last

Forever, forever

Not like we been through

Guess we made for it

I ain't scared of you, got no fear

I be movin' quick, I know."

Her voice, hypnotic and warm, drifts listeners off like a beautiful lullaby. Her vocals are anointed and her delivery is unparalleled.

The two pack provides the hot, risqué vibes across the pair of singles and make great listens. With hit after hit (after hit), Ambré continues to further improve, develop and deliver. Ending 2020 in the right shape, she leaves listeners and fans alike eager, excited, and ready for what she has in store for 2021.

You can stream Ambré's "alone / the catch up" below on Apple Music or watch the visualizers for the singles via YouTube!

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